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By @TheMrGhee

Posted May 22, 2017

As any good fairy tale would start you need a tragic story, unfortunately for me this is exactly how one would describe my very first dynasty draft. Back in 2015 my friends launched our very first 10 man dynasty league and to put nicely I was the lame duck of this group. I had always played fantasy with them, but never seemed to take much interest. This dynasty draft was held to the same low bar that all my other drafts had been: fill out a roster and pick the highest ranked person. Some reading this have already began to cringe or reminisce on your own past. Having the last pick of the draft, I choose Matt Forte… The oh so talented 28 year old running back. Followed by Calvin Johnson, Alshon Jeffery, and Russell WIlson. Already you can tell what type of dynasty draft I am having. As tragic as this is, you are not reading this article to hear of my lack of drafting ability, but to gain insight for your current team. Drafting this low I have learned 6 traits of fantasy football and have turned my team around.


Trade, trade, trade. In the last few years, I have gained the title of the most trading person in group. Your team is not going to get magically better by the wave of a wand. If you are unhappy with your team then change it. If you are in a league that does not trade much then change it by following the steps below! If your league does not trade at all, you probably need to find a new league.

Read the Need

Every fantasy person I know wants something, they have an idea of what is lacking and how their team could get better. Find that something a poke at it. Not only that but constantly show them that you have what they need. This can be by position or for a person to secure the win. I trade Calvin Johnson away after a major game to the person that thought he had a chance to win the title. When looking at the championship you will be surprised what irrational trades people will do.


We all know to buy low and sell high, but are their seasons for such things? YES. During the season I stock up on picks. People during the season don’t take much value for a 2nd or 3rd, but the tone changes in April. Almost all my trades during the regular football year involve a pick when they are at the floor. Later in April I always cash out my investments. I walked into this season with three first rounders ready to trade.

The Rookie Hype

Another timing season. I almost always sell all those stocked up picks in April. Once the fantasy community starts seeing where players land all the hype goes through the roof, not to say that these players can’t make an impact, but they are always a gamble. Picture having 10 dollars. You can either buy the good pokemon card you want, or rip open 3 packs in hopes that one of them is an epic. Everyone wants to open “packs” and I am willing to take the talent off their hands for it.

Buy injury

Seems odd to say, but it is true. Once a player gets hurt in the regular season they become a prime target for me to buy in dynasty. Once Keenan Allen, Kelvin Benjamin and Sammy Watkins went down I bought them all low. Around this time when people are looking toward their future, I sell high. This may seem odd, but if you don’t stand a chance to win the title might as well start buying that low capital.


Many time teams that need a full rebuild often send just awful trades. These trades are so one-sided it is almost embarrassing and who could blame you? Your team needs the help. However the best way is the slow nudge. Once a deal is about done, ask for a thrown in 3rd. In a trade, see if a 2nd can become a 1st. There once was a tale of a man that traded a paperclip for a house. The tale goes that the man trade the paper clip for something just a bit more in value, then traded again and again. Each time just a little more value until he worked up to an entire house. Although this tale is fake, it can definitely translate to fantasy as you make a slow nudge to the top.

I am writing this article as I know I am not the only one out there with a team that needed a total rebuild. I there are tons of dynasty players right now they know they stand no chance of winning the title and wish nothing more than to redraft. I promise that if you can follow these steps made by your Fantasy Football Fairy Godmother you will see a transformation in your dynasty team. No good fairy tale ends without a great reveal, not to brag, but my current line up is:

 Marcus Mariota, Lesean McCoy, Jordan Howard, Isaiah Crowell, OBJ, Allen Robinson, Brandon Cooks, Jordan Reed. 

Although still room for improvements, I have came a long way from my 28 year old running back.





Tyler Ghee is a husband, father, teacher, disc golf lover, and fantasy football enthusiast. Although a new and upcoming writer, he plans on implementing his multiple math degrees to change the face of fantasy football and offer some humor along the way. Follow @TheMrGhee


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