2017 Buy Low & Sell High Candidates

By @FFDynasty260

Posted February 27, 2017


Here are my Sell High and Buy Low candidates for this off-season:

Selling High


Jordy Nelson

Now is the time to sell high on Jordy Nelson. Is there a possibility that Jordy repeats his 2016 season? Absolutely. Is there a better time to sell Jordy? Not a chance. Jordy Nelson’s stock is currently at its peak.  When 2017 comes around, what will you be willing to buy Jordy for after the first sign of slowing down or an injury occurs? After such a stellar 2016 year, I am selling Jordy everywhere I can. Find the owner in your leagues that are still believers that Jordy will kill it again in 2017 and sell for a young WR or RB that you like.


Tyrell Williams

I have seen some crazy trade offers going through already this off season for Tyrell Williams. He is one that I am saying slow your roll and sell him if the opportunity comes. Keenan Allen, Hunter Henry, Antonio Gates, and Travis Benjamin will all be factors in 2017. Gates refuses to retire, Henry was a clear Red Zone favorite for Rivers, and Travis Benjamin for some reason continues to get paid and will be back as well.


Demarco Murray

Similar to the Jordy Nelson situation, Demarco Murray’s is also at a peak. Derrick Henry showed some very positives signs with his production in 2016. Despite a limited role, Henry showed what he is capable of, and I’d expect his role to increase in 2017. Not to mention, Henry is one Demarco injury away from being a RB1 with some major upside.


Other Sell Highs:  Michael Crabtree, Jay Ajayi, and Mark Ingram


Buying Low


DeAndre Hopkins

There is a good chance that the Hopkins owner in your league was very disappointed after 2016. The price is not exactly ‘buying low’, but more of a ‘buy low before his stock shoots back up’ type of situation. Hopkins was on the field for more snaps than any other WR inside the top 100 in 2016. Hopkins was also the 8th most targeted WR in weeks 1-16. The volume is there, the usage is there, but the TDs dropped off. Similar to Mike Evans in 2015, I expect Hopkins to bounce back in 2017.


Allen Robinson

Similar to DeAndre Hopkins, A-Rob left fantasy owners very disappointed this year as well. Also similar to Nuk, Robinson was in on more snaps than almost any other WR in 2016, saw a similar number of targets, and his TDs also dropped off. TDs tend to fluctuate for WRs and based on the volume and Red Zone usage, I expect Robinson to bounce back in 2017.


Carlos Hyde

Despite missing 14 of his first 64 career games, Carlos Hyde was once again very efficient with his touches. With Kyle Shanahan come to San Francisco, this couldn’t be better news for Carlos Hyde moving forward. Shanahan helped develop Freeman and Coleman into one of the best 1-2 punches in the running game, and I expect Hyde to make a jump in 2017, assuming he can stay on the field.

Other Buy Lows: Kelvin Benjamin, Derrick Henry, and Corey Coleman

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