We are proud to introduce the GOAT District Dynasty League.  This is a league made up of some of our dear Twitter friends & followers, including friend and contributor of the website @FFDynsty260.  This is the first season of this league and we just completed the start up draft mid-March 2017.

You can find our slow email Draft Results at GDDL Draft Grid.

League Details:

  • 12 Team Dynasty
  • PPR
  • 24 Man Rosters
  • Draft: Slow Email Draft Completed March 14, 2017
    • Included both Free Agents & Rookies
  • Starting Line Up: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, RB/WR/TE, RB/WR/TE, K, DEF (2 Flex Positions)
  • Playoffs:
    • 3 Divisions of 4 Teams;
    • Top 3 from each Division make Playoffs and get a bye week of Wild Card game
    • Plus, the next two highest point totals make it into Wild Card.
    • Winner of Wild Card plays 1st place team from regular season
    • SuperBowl: Winner of each Semi-Final match up.

Take a look at the GDDL Team Rosters here.

In the following section we will isolate trades from the League and give our analysis.  Have a look at all the trades that occurred during the draft and after the draft: GDDL Transactions


Trade & Transaction Analysis

We understand that there may not always be a clear cut winner to any trade, due to a number of factors, including old man time.  However, we can certainly attempt to analyze trades and give our thoughts on who we think won the deal and why.  In this section, that’s exactly what we will attempt to do.


@chrisdis9 / Stafford Infection Trade Wed Mar 8 10:09:03 p.m. ET 2017

Transaction Analysis: 

Yes Evans is a top 3 dynasty wide receiver, if not in all of fantasy football.  He’s even my #1 ranked wide receiver if you look at my rankings right now on the site.  However, Cooper is not far behind Evans, and should take the next step this coming season into the elite tier.  Mike Williams, whether you have him as your #1 or #2 ranked rookie wide receiver, holds much more value then a 2018 4th; especially paired up with a 2017 3rd.  I appreciate the aggressiveness of @chrisdis9’s move, but I think he gave up too much here for Mike Evans.

Winner: Stafford Infection

Twitter Poll Result:








The Twitter Poll result was a lot closer then I expected.  That’s the beauty of fantasy football, different people have different opinions and none of them are wrong.


seth / @GMJ_23 Trade Sun Mar 12 11:58:24 a.m. ET 2017

Transaction Analysis:

Despite missing 6 games last season due to a torn hamstring, Green had a career high 96.4 yards per game.  It was his first time not passing the 1,000 yard mark but was really close hitting 964 yards in only 10 games.  Coming into 2017, the 28 year old has a few elite WR1 seasons left in the tank.  The biggest challenge the Bangles offense will have as a whole is overcoming their weak offensive line.  And oh ya, Andy Dalton is still the quarterback.

On the other hand, Adams and Cooks are both on high powered offenses, getting the rock from two of the very best to ever play the game in Rodgers and Brady.  Adams needed to get over some injuries before finally breaking out in 2017, finishing at WR7 and tied for second in TDs with 12.  Cooks moves to the Patriots where there certainly are a lot of mouths to feed.  However, with a generational coach who seems to always know how to use a players strengths, Cooks should become a significant part of that offense giving you at the very least WR2 production.  I do think this is a slight over pay on seth’s part given the production he shipped out and the potential both Adams & Cooks offer.

Winner: @GMJ_23

Twitter Poll Result:









GOAT District FC / @BullingerKeith Trade Sun Mar 26 5:59:36 p.m. ET 2017

Transaction Analysis:

This is a trade we we’re involved in so my insight will be a little different then the transactions above.  My logic behind this trade starts with how I feel about Todd Gurley going into the 2017 season.  The offense runs through second year QB Jared Goff, the OL is in the bottom half of the league and there are not too many other weapons to defend against on the Rams.  Having said all that, a lot of last years regression has to do with Gurley himself.  His effort level didn’t seem to always be as consistent as it was in his rookie season, which is reflected in his stats, and that concerns me greatly when you look at his current ADP.

On the other side of this trade is Dez Bryant.  One of the main reasons I went after Dez is because I have Dak Prescott as my QB1 and I love to stack dynamic duos.  If you watched the Cowboys last season, you noticed that Dak and Dez’s relationship grew more and more on the field towards the end of the season; especially in the playoffs in a loss to Green Bay where Dez put up a 9/132/2 stat line.

Winner: Obviously I’m going to say GOAT District FC here

Twitter Poll Results:  Coming Soon


11. GOAT District FC / False Shart Trade Sat Apr 15 12:19:21 a.m. ET 2017

Transaction Analysis:


Twitter Poll Result:


Cockmeat Sandwiches / GOAT District FC Trade Tue Apr 18 10:51:17 a.m. ET 2017

Transaction Analysis: Coming Soon

Winner:  Coming Soon

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